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COMMENTS (Print pages: 8)

Program comments are notes left on programs to explain or highlight the functionality of code. Comments are non-executing code and will not affect the usage of a program.

Comment Types:

  • Line comments are for a single line of code and begin with two forward slashes “//”. Anything following the slashes on that line of code will be considered a comment and not execute.
  • Block comments are for multiple lines of code and begin with one forward slash and an asterisk “/*” and to complete the comment end with an asterisk and a forward slash “*/”.

Example: Line comment

// Anything after two forward slashes on this line will not execute.
Console.Write("Hello World!"); // A comment can also be placed after code.

Example: Block comment

/* Comment out multiple lines of code.
   Anything in this area is also a comment.

Visual Studio has a convenient way to quickly comment or uncomment selected lines of code. Click on the Comment or Uncomment buttons.

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