C# Fundamentals Certificate
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Learn the popular software development language C# (pronounced c sharp) in this fundamentals course. C# can be used to create websites, Android/iOS phone apps, 2d/3d games, and text-based applications.
This course focuses on text-based applications because they can quickly demonstrate the fundamental skills of the language.
A professional teacher designed the curriculum to utilize a variety of engaging material. All books and tools needed to complete the certificate are included.
  • Textbook: The C# Fundamentals 2019 textbook was specifically designed for this course.
    • Edition: Second Edition
    • Print Year: 2019
    • Print & Online Interactive book: Full color
    • Pages: 176
    • ISBN: 978-0-578-56873-7
    • Author: Adam Seebeck
    Key Features
    • Useful for all skill levels (beginner to advanced)
    • Start learning quickly with fundamental programming concepts and examples
    • Includes "Mini Quizzes" and "Activities"
    • Written by a Senior Developer who was a higher education Instructor
    Whether you are a first-time programmer or an experienced coder wanting to learn C#, this is the book for you. It is designed to get you programming quickly by explaining core concepts and providing the essential code needed. Read C# Fundamentals from beginning to end and then use it as a quick reference for the code you need.

    Over 50 essential topics covered including:

    • Variables
    • Loops
    • Arrays
    • Methods
    • Classes
    • Unit Testing
    • Interfaces
    • Databases
    • and much more

    Use to prepare for the following certifications:
    • Microsoft: MTA - Software Development Fundamentals C# (Exam 98-361)
    • Microsoft: MCP - Programming in C# (Exam 70-483)

  • Videos: Professionally created videos follow along with the textbook to provide additional context.
  • Activities: Multiple projects to build during the course.
  • Instructor: Assignments are graded by an instructor who provides valuable feedback. Instructors will answer your questions, provide suggestions, and mentor you during the course.

    This course was designed by and is taught by Adam Seebeck.

    • Author: C# Fundamentals
    • Taught .NET (C#) professionally at a higher education technical college
    • Senior developer
  • Discussions: Talk with students and instructors when you need help, feedback, or just want to network.